Daily Veda

Asma is a Wellness and Mindfulness Coach who provides a step to healing and re-centring in the form of meditation, breath work and a safe space to release emotions and anxieties.

Addressing and releasing triggers to create space for mental health and supporting a positive outlook for a new way of living.

Asma offers one to one sessions to help recognise how physical health is determined by mental well being and helps take the appropriate steps to shedding habits picked up from a fast pace of life.

Using the daily practise of Ayurveda, Asma also provides nutritional support by teaching how to eat according to seasons and intuitively.

Teaching people to slow down one breath at a time

Daily Veda


Immersive Meditation training
Mindful and transformation Coaching
Meditation Teacher
West London centre of Mindful Coaching
Trauma Sensitive Meditation
Children’s Meditation Coach
Mindful Eating
Mindful Parenting

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W9 Based. All UK/Overseas covered virtually

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1 on 1 personal studio training


Outdoor training


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