The Brace-up Coach

I specialise in weight training and lifestyle improvement. Often people feel lost when it comes to wanting to improve their health, being bombarded with fad diets and unrealistic workout routines that leave them feeling as though maintaining a healthy lifestyle is unattainable. My goal is to help educate, support and empower you to find a routine that will get you results and help you to maintain them.

Within our 1:1 training sessions, depending on your goal we will focus on improving your physical performance, ability and aesthetics, and outside of our sessions I will support you with your nutrition, daily activity, sleep, and stress, by offering coaching alongside your training.

I am a huge believer in working with my client’s mindset, as your behaviours, habits and attitude will determine whether or not you will maintain a healthier lifestyle. By improving your mindset, you are much more likely to enjoy the process as you achieve your results.

The Brace-up Coach


Level 3 Personal training qualification, specialising in resistance (weight) training & lifestyle coaching

Locations in London covered

Private studio in W9. Areas covered: W9, W2 & NW8

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1 on 1 personal studio training


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