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Pilar is a registered Nutritional Therapist and certified Functional Medicine Practitioner by the Institute of Functional Medicine, the leading body for education, training and clinical practice in Functional Medicine.

Pilar focusses on each client as a unique individual and analyses their body systems as well as environmental and emotional factors (and not just their symptoms!) to find the root of their health concerns so she can address them with personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes.

At PurpleCarrot Nutrition, each and every client receives a bespoke programme that addresses their individual needs. Pilar and her team ensure they adapt their programmes as needed to make it as easy as possible to follow them – they might be a bit challenging, but the goals are always achievable. The PurpleCarrot team firmly believes that in order to make a real difference, our programmes need to fit the individual and not the other way around.

After years of working in finance, Pilar developed an interest on how sustained stress impacts not just adrenal function but also thyroid balance, heart health and gut integrity.

Pilar and her team have developed a range of tools, menu planners and hundreds of recipes to help support their client’s health from hormonal imbalances to managing your stress and supporting your cardiovascular health, including lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation and managing cholesterol.

Weight management is also a very important element of cardiovascular health. We believe in training our clients to eat better for the long run, not to lose weight quickly on the latest fad diet, to create a health-promoting and enjoyable way of life.

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